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Originally established in 1987, Artisan Craftmill Corporation is a multi-awarded Filipino-owned manufacturing firm that promotes its environment-friendly creations, its clean, consistent workmanship, and its distinct style. The company has managed to stay abreast of trends, while still retaining the original character that sets Artisan Craftmill Corporation apart from other handicraft producers and exporters worldwide. 

The company takes pride in using raw materials such as paper, fabric, leather and more importantly, natural materials that are unique and indigenous to the Philippines, and other areas of the Southeast Asian region.

Artisan Craftmill Corporation has also assumed the task of sharing its sophistication in design and concept with weavers around the archipelago of the Philippines. With the common goal of elevating the rural area’s level of quality and design, more and more natural materials have become available to promote sustainability in creating premium, quality and trendy products perfect for home decor and accessories to be available in the global market.

Recently, Artisan Craftmill Corp. has finally expanded their collection and made available their locally produced and designed products through Grassroots Philippines, where you can enjoy their well-produced products that promote our Filipino pride and heritage.


The Team

Artisan Craftmill Corporation boasts of being the first ever handicraft manufacturer in the country of having a workforce that is a cooperative. The company has embraced as part of its mission to teach skills to the unemployed members of the local marginalized community, including home-crafts that could help idle members of the community to be productive and earn a living. The company is one of the few establishments with the capability of training and developing groups of workers at its own factory, before establishing individual work shops to help with production. In the 30 years of experience, Grassroots’ products can assure its customers to receive top quality and premium items.

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